Diwali Gifts for Mother_Mother-in-law

Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law

#1  :Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law: Borosil Puja Thali 


Every Hindu House require Puja Thali This Borosil Puja Thali comes with Nice Packaging whick makes good choice as Diwali gift for Mother and also an excellent option for your mother in law.

Thali made of the finest copper, which will add elegance and charm to your puja room. Each thali is individually handcrafted and is embossed with an OM motif around the sides and centre.The thali pack comprises of a diya, a bell, a roli/kumkum katori, a dhoop, agarbatti holder, a panchamrut set with a spoon and essential pujan samagri.

#2 Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law :Borosil Diya Akhand Brass


The Hindu culture and practices are mystical. The celestial aspects of our being has not been so blissfully woven around a religion with such enigma and tranquility. The practices and rituals followed in Hindu culture are often criticized to be intertwined with taboos of superstition. Nevertheless it is the same culture which enlightened us with the practices and way of living which preaches the most developed and civilized ways of living.

There are simple practices which Hindu culture treated us. These practices and rituals have wonderful tales and beliefs built around them. But the most important fact behind all such stories are scientific. The stories were only used as driving force to make people akin to something which is very scientific. Lighting of akhand diya for instance in different part of our home is one of the most unquestionable practices that has been followed with complete devotion by our mothers and grandmothers since ages. The tradition is passed on to generation from generation. Source:http://myborosil.blogspot.in/2013/07/the-spiritual-and-scientific.html

Made of borosilicate glass and metal Lantern diya Extra resistant to thermal shock Borosilicate glass will not crack even when heated for extended periods of time Designed to allow easy cleaning .A worthy  choice For Mother & Mother in Law as a Diwali Gift

#3 Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law:Aesthetic Ganesha Octagonal Crystal


Invite lord Ganesha to your home for peace and prosperity with our range of Ganesha crystals. This crystal would be a great addition to  temple in your House to make more auspicious

#4 Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law:Lord Ganesha Lamp - Brass Statue


#5 Best Diwali Gifts for Mother_  Mother in Law:Wooden Rangoli With 4 Diyas 


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